Wooden ruler pencil holder

Category: DIY

porte-crayons en règles de bois

School year is about to end and you are looking for a gift to offer your child’s teacher? This pencil holder, also great for plants, makes a practical, original gift. Have fun!

What you’ll need

-Old wooden rulers or decorative rulers sold in hobby shops (it’s also possible to use paint stir sticks)
-Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
-Glass pot (empty and clean jam jar, etc.)
-Acrylic paint
-2 brushes
-Bowl of water
-Miter saw or other (Xacto knife, pliers, sheers or industrial scissors)
-Clamps (if needed)


1. Cut or have rulers cut (at the renovation centre) to the same height as chosen pot. If using an Xacto knife, take care to first clamp rulers to a stable surface. Lightly sand all cut ends, if needed.

2. Apply hot glue to the back of each piece, then position vertically on the outside of the glass jar until it’s fully covered.

3. If you wish to reproduce the washed-out colour effect, apply a thin band of opaque paint to ruler bottoms, then carefully but quickly blur colour using a second brush lightly dipped in water. You can test beforehand on unused pieces of wood to perfect your technique.

4. Gradually stretch colour band towards the top of the pot, blurring paint as you go without using too much water. If the effect remains too sharp and clear, lightly moisten your fingertip, then gently rub over painted area in an upward motion.

5. Turn around the pot using this technique to spread the washed-out effect to the whole surface.

6. Leave paint to dry very well before handling.

7. It’s now time to offer your creation… or to keep it for yourself!