Log Centrepiece

Category: DIY

centre de table en rondins

Invite nature to your table for the holidays! Gather some logs and a few candles to create this unique and festive centrepiece with a rustic touch.


Logs of various sizes
Tea light candles
Washi decorative tape the same width ̶ or narrower ̶ than the height of the candles
Acrylic paint – colour of your choice (optional)
Masking tape (optional)
Evergreen branches
Mitre saw


1. With a mitre saw, cut several logs to various heights (but at least 5 cm). You can use any type of hardwood, as long as the diameter of the branch or trunk is at least 15 cm.
Note: You can also have logs cut for you at a home improvement centre or buy them pre-cut at craft shops or hobby stores.

2. Paint the top of each log with acrylic paint.

3. Let dry for about 30 minutes, then apply a second coat, if necessary.

4. Apply washi tape around the circumference of each tea light candle.

5. Place the candles on the logs and position the latter at the centre of the table.

6. Arrange a few evergreen branches between the logs, taking care to position them away from the candles (to prevent any fire-related incidents).

7. Light the candles and enjoy the warm atmosphere of this beautiful holiday table with your guests!