Top 4 tricks to pick the best apples!

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cueillir les meilleures pommes

Apple season is in full flourish! If you haven’t headed to the orchards just yet with your family, here are the top 3 things to keep in mind when picking apples!

1.When picking an apple off the tree, be sure to twist the apples and not to pull them. This way, you do not damage the other apples or branches, making sure to guarantee years of delicious apples for everyone!

2. The apples on the outside of the tree are the ripe ones! Always start from the outside, working your way in.

3. Once you’ve picked your apple, be sure to place it gently in the basket, don’t toss them in. This way you will avoid bruising which will keep the apple fresh longer. Once you’re home, store them in the fridge, and they’ll stay delicious even longer!

4. Once you are home, visit our apple guide to find the best recipes to make with specific kinds of apples! Because after all, each type of apple has its unique taste!

The best part of apple picking isn’t just about going home with yummy apples, it’s about spending quality time with your loved ones and enjoying the fresh air. Make sure to take lots of pictures, that way the memories will last a lifetime.