Patterned Wooden Key Holders

Category: DIY

porte-clés en bois à motifs

You’re always losing your keys? Use simple wood dowels and fabric (or paper) scraps to make these beautiful, easy-to-track-down key holders!

What you’ll need
– Wood dowels in various sizes and diameters (cylinders, prisms, etc.)
– Thick patterned cardboard or fabric strips
– Non-toxic glue used as varnish (such as Mod Podge)
– Brush or foam applicator
– Eyelets
– Broken loops
– Drill and wood bits

1. At the renovation centre, have dowels cut into various lengths (between 6 and 10 cm/2.25 and 4 in). You can also use a miter saw at home.

2. Cut cardboard or fabric strips in the same sizes as dowels to be “wallpapered.”

3. Using a brush or foam applicator, apply glue all over dowels (except the ends), then glue fabric or cardboard on top. Trim off any excess.

4. Dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then apply a second coat if needed.

5. Once the glue has dried, drill a hole in one of the dowel ends, in the middle and using the bit diameter corresponding to the eyelet.

6. Screw eyelet into hole, insert broken loop in eyelet and slide keys inside.

7. From now on, finding your keys will be easy as pie thanks to this holder’s pretty, eye-catching look!