Discover the Orchard collection in the fruits & vegetables section!

A celebration of our roots and love of apples, these delicious juices combine carefully selected apples from Rougemont orchards and local fruits grown with the same care, right here in Québec.

These taste-bursting juices are flash-pasteurized (to avoid overheating the juice), then immediately refrigerated and bottled to preserve all the taste and freshness of the fruit.

Enjoy the taste of fresh fruit at its simplest! Our new Collection comes to you with no added sugar or preservatives such as potassium sorbate which, according to some, alters the taste and leaves an unpleasant tingling sensation in the mouth.

Let yourself be tempted instead by the authentic flavours of Quebec: Apple Orchard Style, Blueberry Apple and Cranberry Apple!

• Local fruits, 100% Quebec
• Quality juices and purees, not from concentrate
• Preservative free

Discover the 3 varieties