Wooden Puzzle

Category: DIY

casse-tête en bois

Super duper easy to make, this DIY wooden puzzle will entertain kids…and grown-ups! You can tailor it to the age of your child by using a more or less complex design, combining smaller or bigger wood blocks, or painting different images on each side of your cubes.

What you’ll need
– Wooden blocks (from arts-and-crafts stores) or a wood board cut into several pièces
– Wide elastic, in resistant rubber
– Stencil
– Masking tape
– Stencil pencil or small sponge
– Acrylic paint

1. Place the elastic band around the wooden blocks to prevent them from moving while applying paint.
2. Place stencil on the blocks, over the targeted area, then attach with masking tape.
3. Using a stencil pencil (or small sponge) and a small amount of paint, gently dab paint onto designated areas.
4. Leave to dry for 1 hour or so.
5. Have fun!

Note: Keep away from very young children who still put objects in their mouths.