Thank You Card

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carte personnalisées rougemont

Thank You Card

The end of the school year is fast approaching and you wish to thank your child’s teacher? Why not offer this personalized card with an inside pocket to slide in a souvenir photograph. Handy!

What you’ll need
– Kraft paper card and envelope
– Fabric strips and/or textured or patterned paper and cardboard
– Felt
– Hard cardboard strips to fashion the pocket (use an empty cereal box)
– Hot glue sticks and gun (or glue stick)
– Accessories to decorate card (buttons, ribbons, etc.)




1.Cut fabric strips and cardboard into multicoloured shapes and motifs. Use a stencil if needed to trace shapes on the fabrics and cardboard before cutting.

2. Place these various elements on the card to determine the best combinaison.

3. Secure all elements in place using hot glue or a glue stick.

4. To form the inside pocket, cut a hard cardboard strip the same width but only half the height of your card. Repeat using a second fabric or cardboard strip, taking the width of the hemline into account. The latter will serve to cover the cardboard strip.
5. If using fabric, hot glue a hemline all around the edge before starting.

6. Stick the fabric or cardboard on the hard cardboard, applying glue all around the edge save for the opening at the top (where the photograph will be inserted).

7. Once all the elements have been assembled, slide in a photograph of your child and offer your handiwork!