Plant-happy Table Napkins

Category: DIY

serviettes de table à motifs végétaux

Invite nature to the table with these pretty napkins and their foliage design. Kids will just love this technique — fun and simple! — that lets them personalize a tablecloth, table runner or handy household textile.

What you’ll need
Plain cloth table napkins
– Scissors or small shears
– Tree or other plant foliage
– Fabric paint (your choice of colour)
– Board or painter’s palette
– Sponge-tip applicator or brush
– Paper sheet
– Small hard rubber roller (optional — in arts and crafts stores)

Using small shears or simple scissors, cut off a tree leaf or plant.
2. Pour a small quantity of paint on a board or painter’s palette then, using a sponge-tip applicator or brush, spread generously over foliage.
3. Over the desired location, carefully place leaf on cloth napkin, then lay the paper sheet on top. Gently roll the rubber roller over the paper sheet several times, in order to transfer the foliage design to the fabric. Avoid crushing plant. If you don’t have a roller, simply imitate the same back-and-forth motion with your hand or even a pastry roller (without pressing too hard).
4. Delicately remove paper sheet, then foliage.
5. Let dry the cloth napkins for 4 hours. Wash after 72 hours according to manufacturer instructions.
6. Place on table and admire nature’s beauty … around a fine meal of course!