Personalized gift wrapping for the holidays

Category: DIY

emballages cadeaux personnalisés

Have nothing to wrap your gifts? Give your Christmas wrapping a personal touch using paper already on hand and stamps carved from an apple. The bonus? The kids will love helping you!


Roll of kraft paper (or other type of plain paper)
Acrylic paint (colours of your choice)
Brush and a small dish (or paper plate)
Apple (or potato)
Paring knife
Paper towels


1. Cut sheets from the roll of paper to the desired dimensions.
2. Pour a bit of paint into a dish (or paper plate).
3. Cut projecting shapes – a star, tree, house, etc. – out of an apple (or a potato). Blot the apple or potato thoroughly on a paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible.
4. Using a brush, generously cover the cut shape with paint. Stamp it a few times on an unused sheet before making the final designs on the wrapping paper.


5. Let dry for about 15 minutes, then wrap.
6. Embellish your wrapping with materials you have on hand: ribbons, sisal or baker’s twine, small evergreen branches or twigs, etc.
7. Give!