Personalized Button Frame

Category: DIY

cadre personnalisée d'une pomme avec des boutons

As a DIY shower gift for proud new parents or to hang in your own little angel’s room, this coloured, textured artwork will customize any decor instantly!

What you’ll need
– Canvas or wood panel
– Different size and colour buttons
– Felt
– Patterned fabric
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun and sticks
– Glue stick

1. Trace three apples in various sizes on the felt (you can use a template or trace the outlines by hand), then cut out.
2. Trace then cut various leaf shapes in the patterned fabric.
3. Using a hot glue gun, attach felt apples and patterned leaves to canvas or panel.
4. With hot glue gun still, glue buttons to felt.
5. Hang on a wall or lean on a shelf in your child’s room to add an instant touch of colour and texture to the decor.