22 September 2016

Fun 3D Apple Frame

These paper apples, with their 3D shapes and eye-catching patterns, will add a rustic touch and loads of charm to any room in the house.

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30 August 2016

Patterned Wooden Key Holders

These patterned wooden key holders are as beautiful as easy to track-down ! Personalise yours with pieces of fabric or paper and find your keys in an instant!

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7 July 2016

Painted Wooden Swing

Rocking on a swing brings a feeling of unrivaled freedom. This summer, why not build your own wooden swing and enjoy this exhilarating family activity

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30 June 2016

Apple Jack Cocktail

This Apple Jack Cocktail can easily be enjoyed on the terrace with family or friends . It’s a simple , fun and refreshing way to reinvent your classic apple juice glass!

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17 June 2016

Thank You Card

All opportunities are good to express gratitude to someone, but the end of school year is a special time where we often like to thank our child’s teacher. A beautiful card easy to make and to personalized !

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17 June 2016

Wooden ruler pencil holder

School year is about to end and you are looking for a gift to offer your child’s teacher? This pencil holder, also great for plants, makes a practical, original gift. Have fun!

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6 December 2015

Embroidered Christmas Cards

Add your personal touch to Holiday wishes by making these embroidered cards that even kids will love crafting! What you’ll need Needle Cotton, wool or polyester thread (your choice of colours) Kraft paper cards or foldable cardboard paper Acrylic paint […]

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