Fun 3D Apple Frame

Category: DIY

pommes 3D sur un cadre

These paper apples, with their 3D shapes and eye-catching patterns, will add a rustic touch and loads of charm to any room in the house.

What you’ll need
– Canvas or wood panel(s)
– Assorted patterned papers (for scrapbooking)
– Paper sheets or semi-rigid cardboard (to make template)
– Felt
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun and sticks
– Glue stick
– Pruning shears
– Twigs of dry wood

 Print (or trace by hand) an apple outline on the paper or semi-rigid cardboard, then cut to make your template.
2. Trace two identical apples on each of the patterned papers, then cut out. Repeat until you have the number of 3D apples needed.
3. Fold apples in two to make a crease in the centre of each one, ensuring the pattern remains visible inside the crease.
4. Pair same-pattern apples together and assemble two by two. To do so, using glue stick, apply glue to the right underside of the first apple, then glue to the left underside of the other apple.
5. Once apples are assembled, glue flat area to canvas using light points of hot glue (be careful not to spread too much glue or it could make a hole in the paper). Make sure to align apples properly and to allow space for both stalk and leaves.
6. Cut the felt into several leaf shapes.
7. Using the pruning spears, cut twig into 1-cm (1/2-in) or so lengths (or according to the size of your apples). These will serve as stalks.
8. Using hot glue gun, fix leaves and twigs to canvas or wood panel.
9. Hang on your wall and…admire these beautifully coloured fruit all year long!