The apple juice specialist

The Rougemont brand was born at the foot of a mountain of the same name in 1959 and has since been synonymous with quality and authenticity. Today, Rougemont is recognized as the apple juice specialist!

To please the most demanding palates, our juices are made from a variety of apples to produce diverse taste profiles : McIntosh, Mellow, Gala, etc. So, whether you are looking for a sweet flavour or something a little smoother, Rougemont has an apple juice for you.

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13 March 2017

Apple Hot Cross Buns

Delicious Apple Hot Cross Buns that will be perfect for your Easter brunch. Served warm, they will delight young and old.

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6 February 2017

Savoury Stuffed Baked Apples

This Savoury Stuffed Baked Apples recipe is ideal after a long and cold winter day playing outside!

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